Football’s Great Journey

One day in Manchester on the 2nd of May 1986, Sean Beckham was born. When Sean was just seven years old he started to play for Manchester United under eights. He was supposed to play his first match on Saturday. On Wednesday he went to the park. He fell off the swing. He was rushed to hospital and they told him he had a broken leg. He couldnt play football for three months. Sean was really upset. His coach was very mad.

Three months later Sean went to Old Trafford and played his first match. Sean ran the pitch from his own box. When he got to the halfway line he lost the ball and the other team scored. Sean was the goalkeeper so the goal was open. After the match Ryan Giggs came up to him and said, “You didnt play well today so we have decided to send you out on loan to Preston they are a good team in the championship”. WHAT!!! said Sean Sean as he pushed Ryan Giggs. You will play your first game next Wednesday. Sean stormed off and ran home.

He woke up the morning of the match feeling angry and sad but he went to the match and as soon as the game kicked off the other team took a shot but Sean made an amaizing save. Nobody could believe he saved it and they went on to win the match. After the game Sean ran home and heard the phone ring. He answered and heard  Ryan Giggs said “Hello Sean I was just ringing to ask if you would like to come back to Manchester United?” “Yes, Yes, Yes said Sean I would love to”, and from then on Sean had an amazing career at Manchester United.                                                                         

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