A Trip to Athenry Castle

On the 6 of April 2017.The two fourth classes went on a tour.It was a history and learning trip.It was to Athenry. We went to learn about the Normans.When the bus came we put our bags under the bus.Then we got on the bus.Finally we got there.All of us got our bags.After we got divided into 2 groups. Mr Kennedy’s class and Mr Mulrooney’s class. Our group did drama first.The people where Dermot MC Murrough Henry the ll and Strongbow: Richard De Clare. Then we ate lunch. Afterwards we did Archery.Our group won twice.We think we got a record with 124,000 points. Afterwards we did the maze game our team lost. Then we went to the castle. We saw the basement. And then we saw the garderobe: toilet. It was weird. Afterwards we ate our food then we got on the bus and went home.

My favourite part was the maze and the Archery.