Astronaut Antics

Once upon a time there were two kids born at the same time 29 October, reder street 2016.They got names Caius and messi they started soccer at Chelsea and now in Barcelona.They got thousants of money.They bought a space dog after they had 2.9 billion left “rocket sale come for rocket sale!! We went and looked we needed 2.00 billion left to buy we than got a call from the goverment . “Oh Caius , Messi would you help us there are some aliens wanting to destroy our world if we win a soccer match we win our world.Messi said no because its only me and Caius the goverment guy said nope we will give you neymar fast and good at crossing than pelei good and a legend Gk Manuel Neuer center backs Varane and Dani Alves CM Iniesta and Modric cam Rooney and cf muller.Now you wana go yup said messi .They went with a rocket and space dog wow they found the stadium2 hours later oh werw inside oh our first alien match we won it easy we got to the last one match score was 3 for the aliens 0 for us pelei passed to me I shot it saved no. The aliens scored .Neuer came out with the ballout and dribbled past everyone he scored every one was happy than he passed to me I scored Pelei scored Messi scored it was four four it was penalties the aliens scored 4 times we scored 5 times the alien is taking last shot Neuer saved everyone is safe they went to earth and the space dog was filming all this. The End

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