Astronaut Antics

One night Bubbles O’ Dwyer set off to space to visit three different planets Uranus,Jupiter and the moon. It was the 27th of June 2016 when he set off , it was the 19th of may 2017 when he arrived at Uranus. Uranus said “hello Bubbles” Uranus said. “hello” said bubbles. “My name is Cristiano” said Uranus. “I am the 7th furthest away from the sun” he said. “I know” bubbles said.

So he explored Uranus , then aliens attacked Uranus. Bubbles shot most of them with his gun.So more aliens came and tried to kill bubbles but Bubbles killed them. And then another MASSIVE wave of aliens attacked Bubbles killed some and then got shot several times but survived and flew to saturn.

When he got to Saturn he said “What is your name” he said. “Zlatan is my name” he said. “OK” Bubbles said. “ there is going to be a massive wave of aliens so u should get out of here. Then BOOM aliens shot Bubbles. But Bubbles got up and shot them he was almost dead and then more aliens came and attacked him and then they killed him. THE END.

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