Astronaut Antics

One sunny summer’s day a space ship came crashing down into a rain forest in China. There was an astronaut on board and his name was John Cena. A monkey, gorilla and an ape came to explore the space ship. But to their surprise there was a human on board. They got such a fright they all roared. They had such a good roar he asked them to defeat the evil aliens. “Finally we’re in space” said ape. “First we have to go to Uranus ” said John. “Why ” said gorilla. “To get weapons” said John. “Were ready, aliens here we come” said john. “We’re Here” said monkey. “time to kick alien butt” they all said. `They’re coming” said gorilla. “Lets go ” said John. No ape has been shot. Yay ape recovered . Yay we defeated the aliens.

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