Oystercatchers are mostly found in Africa and South East Asia.

Sometimes you can see Oystercatchers in Dundalk Bay in County Louth, Strangford Lough in County Down, Belfast Lough in County Down, Dublin Bay in County Dublin and Lough Foyle in County Derry.

It’s scientific name is Haematopus.

It is a large distinctive wader with long orange-red bill, black head, chest and upper parts.

The main foods it eats are mussels and cockles that are plentiful in sandy coasts. They also eat earthworms.

His sound is a loud deep piping call usually from the ground. It comprises phrases often run together and accelerating ” kip kip kip kip” and “kil kil kil kil”.

There is more to find about this Bird. Its is very interesting.

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