The Waxwing

A waxwing is a bird found mostly  in the north and east of Ireland

A waxwing almost exclusively feeds on berries of Rowan and Pyracantha. They will also feed on apples that are cut into small pieces. In summer they feed on insects.

A waxwing looks like a bullfinch but a bit larger. Waxwings do not breed in Ireland.

The breeding range extends from Finland eastwards across Siberia and into northernmost North America. A waxwings call is a high pitched almost bell like “sirrr”

Waxwings are monitored by BirdTrack. You are most likely to see a waxwing in berry bearing trees such as Rowan.

Normally seen in groups of five to fifty birds flocks of up to 400 waxwings have been recorded in Ireland

I picked to do a project on this bird because waxwings look very cool.